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As I write this there is developers and programmers working on our state of the art live cams and chat system. Hopefully by the time you read this we will already be open for business with one of the best cam sites on the web. One question you might ask is ” how can you be any better than the webcam sites already out, ain’t they all the same really?” The answer is no and no! Even though there is many cam sites on the web most of them are pretty different. Some of them charge customers by the minute, some of them let you view and watch live porn for free and you only pay when you communicate or want more. Cambae plans to be a little of both of those models and more. We are going to let our cam models decide what they want to do. If they want to give you a free show and they think that is a better model for them than they can. If they want to close all access to the public and it is a show for only paying fans they can do that as well. What this will do is give the models and broadcasters more choices therefore the customer will be happy as well. We are still working everything out as I write this and we will update you as much as possible on whats going on. New models signing up and more right here on this blog. So if you can hit the subscribe button or better yet sign up at Cambae you ‘ll be one of the first to know. We look forward to seeing everyone of your there!